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Children’s Rights Law

Educational Rights


Parental Determination


Studies indicate that children who have legal representation in legal proceedings may experience more stable and positive long-term outcomes.  This includes outcomes related to mental health, education, and overall life satisfaction.

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We believe children are entitled to live a life free from abuse, neglect or violence.  We seek to protect children's interests by providing legal assistance to those who suffer from the criminal conduct of others.

CCLS can provide assistance and guidance with:

  • The Victim’s Restitution Fund

  • Juvenile Court (dependency and delinquency)

  • Adult Court

  • Mental Health Advocacy


We believe that all children are entitled to a free, fair and quality education and we believe completing high school helps better prepare them for life. In order to help improve their chances as adults, we may offer assistance and guidance in:

·    Suspensions

·    Expulsions

·    Individual Educational Plans (IEP) or 504 Plans

·    Due Process Hearings


Grandparents and other caretakers more frequently are now raising others' children.  CCLS may provide assistance in gaining legal authority over the children in order to properly protect the children's best interests.

·         Guardian ad litem

·         Guardianship

·         Adoption


Abandoned children suffer greater when living at poverty levels.  Parental responsibility to support their children is both a moral and legal obligation.  Where appropriate, CCLS may provide legal assistance to protect the children's interests in:

·    Paternity proceedings

·    Divorce proceedings

·    Enforcing rights under child visitation proceedings

·    Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) California State Court petitions


While most children remain emotionally and financially dependent on their adult caretakers, some children's best interests may be to establish their independence from parental control.  When appropriate, CCLS may support a minor’s desire to seek and receive legal independence through emancipation proceedings.

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