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A Bit About Us

We Strive So Our Children Can Thrive

     Here at Canyon Children's Legal Services, we believe our children are entitled to live a safe and stable life in order to become productive members in society.  Through our services we believe we will help improve the lives of our youth today for a more promising tomorrow. 

     We seek to defend and promote our children’s rights because the challenges they face today can affect their chances in life.  Children are the most vulnerable members in society and we believe we can safeguard a brighter future for them through ensuring and securing their educational and mental health rights.

     We believe that all children, regardless of social-economic, racial or ethnic backgrounds, are entitled to receive a free, fair and quality education, live free from violence and have a fair chance at life as responsible adults with good jobs, safe housing and quality health care.

     For more information, please contact us.

Who We Are and Who We Serve

Serving the Inland Empire, CCLS is a nonprofit law firm providing quality legal services to protect the rights of those under the age of majority living in low income households. Particular focus is to protect the interests of child-victims.

CCLS will provide its services to qualified clients in the priority areas with a goal to safeguard the best interests of juveniles in the educational and mental health arenas. CCLS will seek to enforce their rights through administrative and judicial remedies.


Legal services may include general guidance and education, legal counsel and advice, limited services and direct full legal representation for qualified juveniles.

CCLS will further engage in community outreach to help educate interested parties, guardians and juveniles about their rights, privileges, duties and obligations under the laws.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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