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“All children should have the right to grow within their family, the right to study and also the right to education," says Canadian Cardinal Michael Czerny. Talking about human rights for children is a Catholic response in a cruel world that sees more than 36 million children worldwide displaced from their home.Catholic Register 11/24/2022

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Stable Home

63 year old grandmother obtained legal guardianship of her 3 grandchildren ages 7 to 17 with whom they have lived for much of their lives. Their mother unexpectedly died and they have never known or had any contact with their father or their father's family. Under federal immigration law, the grandmother obtained court orders finding that returning the children to their home country is not in their best interest and that they should remain with their grandmother. They now can obtain legal status and preserve the only stable home they have ever known.

Teenage Sudents


High school student with a history of disruptive conduct at school. Faced with another expulsion for defiant behavior, we work with the family and the school to determine the cause of his disruptive behavior. Instead of expulsion, he can receive special programs so he can successfully progress with his education.

Teens & Library

Victim's Rights

Middle school student is bullied by the well known school bully. Meetings with the school personnel fails to stop the bullying. We can assist in obtaining court orders against the bully to hold him and his parents accountable so our client can focus his attention on his studies and not dread being in school any more.

If you, or someone you know has a child who can use legal assistance please feel free to contact CCLS.  We can possibly assist the child and the family.

Legal representation can positively impact educational outcomes for children. When legal decisions consider the best interests of the child, including educational stability and support, children are more likely to experience continuity in their schooling, leading to better academic performance and long-term success.

Studies have shown that children with legal representation tend to have better mental health outcomes in the long term. Having a voice in legal proceedings and the assurance that their interests are being advocated for can contribute to reduced stress, anxiety, and emotional distress.

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